Uniblock 110H - Perfect Clear Glue

Uniblock 110H - Perfect Clear Glue

James Han


• The material to be treated must be clean, dry, free from dust or greasy substances and friable parts.

• Polished surfaces must be previously sanded.

• Use at it is or mix with the proper colouring pastes (max 3%) or with the powder of the same stone.

• Mix carefully with a max. 3% in weight of hardener/catalyst. The texture remains workable for a short time that can vary according to the quantity of hardener, the temperature, the thickness, etc.

• Apply to one or both the surfaces of the joint and unite them with a light pressure

• Polished surfaces must be previously sanded.

• The hardened product just maintains a semi-transparent appearance with white shades, little or not visible in the thin layer

• 3 hours about after hardening (at 23°C/73.4°F), the material can be worked (drilled, grinded, polished, etc.)

• Use solvent for cleaning the work tools. Note The persistence of a slight stickiness subsequent gluing, allows for a significant increase in adhesion

• The maximum adhesive effect occurs after 24 hours Note After about a week, the colour of the hardened putty acquires a shade that tends to light yellow low or not visible in thin layer.


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