Do you need best Suction Cup?

Do you need best Suction Cup?

James Han

$249 for a single suction cup?

So, it’s electric and automatic huh?

Hm.. there are a lot of cheap suction cups selling under $30. Why would I pay $249 for a suction cup?

I could say that I rather buy 7 cheap suction cups on Ebay and Amazon and it still cheaper than buying a $249 suction cup.

This is true until I actually hand it in for real.


The case looks really study and firmed.

Every single items were stay still even I grabed the case and shack it really hard.

The feeling of suction cup was hard and well finished.

Of course it’s $249 suction cup and it should be like this.

By the way, I liked the color. Black.


Not heavy but enough to feel its weight.

Then, I thought again “Hm.. $249 may be not really expensive compare to its built quality”

I wanted to try it and soon I found something.

It was a metal cabinet. It was really heavy because there's full of machine parts in it.


Operating this suction cup was pretty easy.

There are one green and one red button on handle.

I guess my 6 year old son can operate this thing. (I should put this somewhere high)

Anyway, I took it to left side of the metal cabinet facing around my chest height and pushed green button.

I didn’t need to check the analog pressure gauge needle moving because it looked obviously sucked the air out of its pad.

Then I pushed red button and Grabo suction cup stoped vibrating.

The analog pressure needle stayed still.

And I realized this Grabo suction cup grabbed the cabinet really hard

So, I started pulling it and suprisingly the metal cabinet was moved.

Oh, you know what it was amazing and it was kind of fun to me.

Take a look at this guy

<YOUTUBE - Hardscape Instructor- Kevin Wilson>

$30 suction cup cannot do this and also not every guy can do this either.

Official Grabo speaks that Grabo suction cup can hold up to 375 lbs, which is really amazing and I have no doubt it after watching Youtuber lifted up huge stone pile.


Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

This poor guy actually failed.

But I bet he could success if he used Grabo.


At sometimes and in somewhere, we may need cheap suction cup.

When you handle big and expensive jobs, you will definitely need a best tool.


Here's right tool for you. 


Grabo Electric Power Suction Cup for Tile / Marble / Quartz / Concrete / Glass

<YOUTUBE - Landberg Tile TV>

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