Cheap Price but Good Quality?

Cheap Price but Good Quality?

Young Ryu
Every person prefers lower price.

Every person loves pay less.

But not every person likes cheap quality.


For example, Red work gloves.

This is entry level of all work gloves and people buy them for one or two times usage.

Some people use them for multiple times and they don't expect high quality.

Besides, many of manufacturers know this so they use cheap and lower grade materials to product merchandise.


Like I said above, no one likes cheap quality.

People want to pay less but good quality is necessary.


Take a look at this glove bag.

This bag is more durable than carton packaging.

Also, moisture and mold resistant.

It prevents discoloration of the gloves from sunlight.


hmm... ok.. may not be sure if we really need that function.


Easy pulling string makes even functional to this bag.

You can open this bag without a box cutter or a scissor.

You might say...

"OK, it is practical and functional but so what?"


Not just a bag...

These gloves are so practical and fine quality.


Believe me.. I swear to God.

SAVER gloves are way more comfortable and softer and yet sturdy.

This 2-1/2 inch wrist cover is the key to the secret of SAVER gloves.


Its long wrist covers enough my apple watch and besides I could feel safer.


The coating is so density but soft. I don't know how.

Industrial grade latex is supposed to be like this.

Some other manufacturers use cheap grade of lubber latex so gloves are sticky and stiff.

You can see this different by your own bare eyes.



If this SAVER gloves quality is better than others then how much they cost in the market now.

 AMAZON PRICE $114 with free shipping offered

EBAY PRICE $79.99 plus shipping

BLADE DEPOT PRICE $74.99 plus discounted shipping



Apparently, these prices are lower than any other competition.

Price is lower but quality is the best?

For my humble experience, it can be possible.


However, ZERED told me it's true and for a while they will distribute SAVER gloves with this price.

It means that its price will go up later but not dramatically up.


I believe ZERED always.. I mean most of times, brings real good stuff in the market. 

What I mean is the PRICE but quality is good too.

SAVER Gloves.

It will save your money but make you keep the quality.



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