Tire of waiting 3M Mask?

Tire of waiting 3M Mask?

Young Ryu

Are you familiar with "SAVER"?

It is started from S. Korea. It is focused on Personal Protection Equipement, aka PPE like gloves, boots, mask, sanitizers and goggles. 

PPE products are usually used for certain people who works at medical buildings, manufactures, or any dusty and dangerous environmental places.

After COVID-19 outbreak a year ago, pandemic changed many things. I remember not many people used mask when they even caught a cold before pandemic. But now we must wear masks wherever we go even when we feel that we are healthy.

Nowadays, 3M mask is the one of top waiting items in the world. For a year 3M masks were out of stock nationwide so people had to look for other kinds of masks.


KN 95 Mask are familiar with Americans now because this mask from China filled up lack of 3M masks. However you should be very careful about this type of mask.
There are too many fake KN95 masks and even their certificated are not genuine.
A lot of counterfeit respirators and disposable masks are spreaded during pandemic.

Believe or Not, many of listings on Ebay and Amazon are fake and not safe.
There are very few manufacturers in China got approved KN95 and NIOSH.

 Honestly, we had fake KN95 mask from China once. Of course we were deceived by some Chinese manufacturer.

But now, we figured out how to find out genuine KN95 mask in China.

We have finally found one of genuine manufacturer and now we have all genuine KN95 masks only.


Like this, we are selling it now only 0.99c

It’s not SAVER™ but it’s still approved by FDA in documents.

This KN95 Mask is best for daily use. When you go inside somewhere, it will protect you for sure.


But, what about the industrial workers and professional and medical workers?

This type of mask sometimes really are bothering your ears when you wear them long time.

Many manufacturer workers really miss 3M 8210 Mask because it has head band.

3M 8210 Mask is safe, comfort, and good quality.


We proudly introduce our new Mask


Saver™ FFP2 / N95 Equivalent Certified Mask Respirator

It doesn’t have NIOSH certificate like any other masks but believe me it’s way better than showing NIOSH.

This is products from S. Korea and you probably heard that their paper fabrication and prevention techknowledge is superb class.

It has European FFP2 certification and KF94 Korean Certification too. Also it has now CE certificate.

Remember. Many of listings on Ebay, Amazon, and other websites has NIOSH printed and also they are showing you the N95 and NIOSH certificate but most of them are fake.

Don’t just trust them. Even when they have documents, these documents are not genuine.

Please check CDC public notice about fake NIOSH masks


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