Zered V30 TURBO Concrete Diamond Blade for Concrete / Angle Grinder use


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V30 Turbo Blade for Concrete is perfect for achieving high quality results for high profile jobs. Although this blade is ideal for cutting concrete and concrete variations such as asphalt, brick, stone, masonry and pavements.

You can also use it to efficiently cut granite, marble, and all kinds of stones.
To ensure maximum life & results, cutting through softer materials will make best use of the hard bond segments.

Manufactured and designed in Korea, all our blade products are produced under a strict quality control system; you can expect consistent & reliable results from our blades.

Fast and Smooth cutting for Hard stone

Thickness: 0.125"

Segment: 9mm

Best Substitution for V10 Premium Concrete Blade

Application: Concrete and all kinds of stones and masonry